By Magna Chamber President, Bennion Gardner


Since committing myself to do 100% of my Christmas shopping locally, I first started by making a list of gifts I needed. As I looked over my list of family and friends I started to brainstorm on what I might be able to find in Magna that would still make each person on my list happy.


I did a little black Friday shopping in Magna without having a definite idea of what I was going to get. I decided to check a few stores to see what they had. I started off with a big success at Smiths. They had a good amount of toys, electronics and other gift ideas on sale. My son found a toy cash register that he immediately started to play with. It was on sale so I snuck it into my cart while he wasn’t looking.













At Sally Beauty my wife found a new curling iron she wanted which came with a free blow dryer as part of their black Friday sale. This was a good coincidence since her blow dryer was on its last legs. That was about all the shopping I could take in one day.












I was able to cross one more gift of my list later that day for my brother. He is very athletic and in to all kinds of sports. I knew exactly the gift to get him, but it meant bending the rules a little. Many are unaware that just a few hundred feet outside of Magna is a large athletic apparel manufacturer called Game Gear. They are a family business that has been around for over 40 years. While Game Gear is not located in Magna, it does have over 100 employees, many of which reside in Magna. So I felt supporting a locally owned American manufacturer was definitely worthy of being included in my shopping. If you like their Facebook page you can also get a code for a discount and free shipping. What a deal!






So the experiment has begun. Smiths and Sally may be national chains so spending there does not have the impact spending that it does at a locally owned store. But Smiths alone has 130 employees, so by shopping there rather than a store outside Magna you are supporting local jobs and keeping tax revenues here in our community.

Having said that, I do want to find more gift ideas that can be purchased from some of our local business owners. I have a few ideas but I want to ask for your help. Leave a comment and give me some gift ideas from locally owned business! Thank you.

One thought on “My Buy Local Black Friday

  • November 24, 2012 at 10:48 am

    Today is “Shop Small Saturday” It’s all about supporting small business in your holiday needs. To start off the day, my sister purchased us breakfast at Kiwi Bakery on Main St. A good way to start any day. I’m planning on seeing if the antique store is open today as well. I’m betting I can find all kinds of great things there. Also, it seems strange, but if you have a bit of a rebel on your list, check out the tattoo parlor, not for tattoos. They have a great selection of t-shirts and other odds and ends. Head to the Pizza Stop for lunch, and you just made it a whole day on nothing but local, small business.

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